KingMaker Enterprises is a Hybrid Business Company

The term “hybrid business” refer to an enterprise which does not only make use of traditional methods of distribution, but also makes use of internet technology in order to easily expand its market and make the product or service more accessible.

Trademark of KingMaker Enterprises (PVT) LTD

  • Creative Ideas

    Not all ideas makes an impact, but we filter and choose the best ideas that would make a long term impact in the current corporate world.

  • Interaction Design

    A good impression is something which we focus on maximum, People like beauty, We teamed up with some of the best UI designers in Sri Lanka to bring the best out of our Products.

  • Running with Time

    With limited tech support in Sri lankan markets, We are slowly but steadily making progress to launch our business.

Startup Under Development Making Progress

KingMaker Enterprises is a Self funded Startup. Unlike other startups, we concentrated on making unique brands. With catchy domains & we can easily battle existing rivals

Provide Awesome Customer Service With Our Tools

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Meet Our Creative Team

  • Niresh Balakrishnan

    CEO / Director

  • Jude Nirosan

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Jinesh Quinstan

    IT Coordinator

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